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ZNet is a huge website with nearly 15,000 files. This unchanging first-time user Home Page explains what's available and has links to some central parts of ZNet. You can therefore use this page to familiarize yourself with ZNet's main features. For repeated access to ZNet, however, please use our Top Page (or our Framed Top Page). This is updated many times daily and is where we prominently cover current crises and events.


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Once you get a little comfortable with ZNet, to frequently return to it please bookmark our Top Page (or our
Framed Top Page) rather than this first-time user entry page, as your regular entry point. The top page is where our up-to date material is highlighted, and is the quickest route to all content.  It is the best way to regularly access ZNet.


ZNet is sponsored and hosted by Z Magazine,
the print monthly. We have years of articles online, 
searchable in diverse ways, with monthly tables 
of contents for more recent entries. 
We of course have means for you to
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And w
e also have various related projects 
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ZNet Creative MastHead
ZNet Creative
is a facility for ZNet users to enter poetry, short fiction, and lyrics. Enter your own or well known offerings that others will appreciate, or search by topic, author, or keyword through the large store of materials that have been placed by other users. Some related interactive facilities of ZNet are:
ZNet Cartoons, where cartoonists enjoying ZNet can share their work with the rest of us; Pen Pals, in which over 1,000 users from all over the world have entered brief biographical information and email addresses to find one another for email exchange; our Socializing facility to help folks get into direct touch with one another; our Calendar to post events and such; and our Quotes Center including a huge store of politically relevant quotes, uploaded by users and searchable by topic.

Use this overarching ZNet InterActive facility to post or view user posted reports, analyses, photos, and links to our highly searchable, user friendly display areas. Topical subsites are created as needed for national demonstrations, etc.


ZNet's Watch Areas are each subsites unto themselves, sometimes very large, sometimes more modest. They provide essays, reports, and links on the relevant topic often prepared by volunteers for ZNet. The full list of these sites includes:  Activism, Algeria, Alt. Media, Anarchy, Animal Rights, Biotechnology, Economy, Foreign Policy, Gender, Global Watch, Ireland, Japan Watch, Labor, Mideast, Parecon, Queer Watch, Race, South Asia, Third Party, and Web Watch.



ZNet's Crisis sections each focus on some facet of current struggle, providing links, essays, analyses, etc. Some are modest, others are huge subsites in their own right. Our Crisis sections include: Chiapas/Zapatista, Colombia, East Timor, Global Economics, Iraq, Kosovo, MumiaPacifica, PeltierPuerto Rico, and Russia



Become a Sustainer: Get ZNet Commentaries daily, access Sustainer Forums with Chomsky, Zinn, other commentary writers. Check Commentators, Zine, ZEO, Commentaries and Posts.



ZNet has many "subsites," each including stores of regularly updated content bearing on some area of activism or concern. 
One of the most active is our Global Economics
Crisis Section.


The Hat Makes the ManZNet regularly creates subsections 
on the fly for specific events and 
demonstrations. Here, for example 
are ZNet's Conventions Coverage pages,
from the Summer 2000 political conventions. 
The graphic is typical of ZNet...
where we frequently include artwork 
from museums, etc., as well as 
more topical pieces...



Yes, ACTIVISTS Do Have (some) 
Vision  and lots of theory and analysis! 
ZNet includes, for example, topic guides for 
Political Economy,
International Relations,
Third Parties
, and Ecology
We have endless collections of 
links around the web...
plus daily updated materials within ZNet itself 
including articles from our many writers, etc. 
We have the visionary Parecon Project subsite, 
about a better economy. We have sections 
of Interviews and educational Instructionals, etc. etc. 


At any given moment ZNet is likely to have a few subsections dealing with current controversies or exploring some ideas or topics, or debating issues. Here are some examples: AIDS Controversies, Sargent's Adventures in "Feminism," Rationality and Postmodernism Debates, and Libertarian Municipalism Debates.


Remarkably, parts of ZNet are being translated to provide access to non-English speaking audiences. Multilingual ZNet includes sections in
Korean, Bulgarian, Spanish, French, and Swedish