AIDS Controversies
Some Recent Contributions

With Mbeki's speech in South Africa, and even before, there surfaces into prominence diverse disputes over AIDS and how to understand and relate to it. Here are a few commentaries, reactions, essays, links, to help navigate the issues...

Misunderstanding Mbeki
An excellent Op. Ed. on the economics of AIDS in SA

Chomsky Forum Reply RE AIDS
AIDS and science and us...

Chomsky Forum Reply RE AIDS
AIDS and Pharmaceuticals

Mbeki Position Assailed in South Africa
HIV/AIDS and treatment...or lack...

Political Economy of South African AIDS
Patrick Bond reports from Johannesburg

Mbeki's Muddle
Danny Schechter on South Africa's Aids Debate

Washington Post on AIDS in Africa
Even the Post sometimes has a good article...


For many, the discussion dovetails with and depends on or informs more general concerns having to do with science, rationality, post modernism, etc. etc. ZNet has a special subsection debating and exploring such

Rationality / Postmodernism 
Chomsky, Ehrenreich, Albert, etc. etc.