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Activist Groups
Follow links below to learn about
the war on drugs, human rights,
US policy, solidarity, and what you
can do...

Good Media Watching!

Canada-Colombia Solidarity Campaign 
Canadian Solidarity Group

Colombia Indymedia
Another important Indysite

National Mobilization on Colombia
Colombia Activism goes to DC in September...

Colombian Labor Monitor
One of the best sources on Colombia...

The Colombia Support Network
For US Activists...

  Colombia Report

The Narconews Bulletin 
Tireless independent journalism on the drug war from Al Giordano...

NACLA - Report on the Americas
Another excellent journal

Extensive site

Center for International Policy
Analysis of US Aid to Colombia

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Kellogg Institute
University-based project

Notisur Weekly
Weekly news service

Washington Office on Latin America
More resources

Resource Center of the Americas

Paz Colombia
en espanol...

Colombia Human Rights Network

Latin America Infomation Center

Latin America Working Group

Latin America Solidarity Conference

Info Services on Latin America

Common Sense Drug Policy
Let's have some...
Good site, many links

School of the Americas Watch
the US trains human rights violators

Stop Plan Colombia
A yahoogroups listserv

Peace Plan Colombia

Voices from the Global Village

Via Alterna
en espanol

Indigenous People
Indigenous people and the poor bear
the brunt of this war, as in many parts
of the hemisphere

Embera Katio
an indigenous people

Beyond Oil
Campaign of the U'wa

U'wa Defense working group
Working to defend the U'wa

Defending the heart of the world
Freespeechtv video on U'wa

Environmental Destruction
The war threatens more than just this
generation, and the impacts of
ecological devastation fall unevenly

Rainforest Action Network
Indigenous Rights Campaign

Project Underground
Resisting mining and oil
caused displacement

International Rivers Network
Human rights and environmental

Sunshine Project
Herbicide information

Refugee creation is an economic
weapon and a weapon of war:
in Colombia the refugee population
approaches 2 million, of a population
of 37 million...

US Committee for Refugees

USCR Colombia Campaign

Silent no more
A video on Colombian Refugees

Women's Commission
for Refugee women and children...

International Observation
These orgs send observers to
Colombia to monitor the Human
Rights situation and reduce

Peace Brigades International

Witness for Peace

Global Exchange

Government/Official Pages

Colombian President's Peace Page
The official view

US State Department
Without which the site wouldn't be

The Military Perspective (July 2001)
Colombian Military answers questions...

The US on US interests
The US Embassy answers questions...

RAND Corporation's 'Colombian Labyrinth'
Quite frank about elite plans for Colombia...

Bert Ruiz
Mainstream views, but lots of relevant information and commentary

Recent Pieces

Mondragon: Colombia and Venezuela April 27, 2002
Weiss: Colombia's Terror Network
April 22, 2002
Novelli: Impunity and Immunity
April 19, 2002
Stokes: Colombia Q & A
April 16, 2002
Larson: Women, Peace, and Justice
April 16, 2002
Podur/Rozental: A War Foretold
April 5, 2002
Alphandary: Shattered Peace
April 3,  2002
Lumley: Denied Entry into Colombia March 23, 2002
CCSC Responds to Kertzmann
March 23, 2002
Shalom Interviews Podur
March 22, 2002
Giordano: Colombia's Narco-Candidate 
March 19, 2002
LAWG: Stop the new Colombia Bill! 
March 18, 2002
Alphandary: Colombia High Priority
March 16, 2002
ONIC: Indigenous Resistance to War
March 7, 2002
Parrish: Consider yourself influenced
March 5, 2002
More Recent Articles


A War Foretold (April 2002)

Snapshot of Colombia (January 2002)
Solidarity and Resistance (July 2001)

Hector Mondragon:
Colombia and Venezuela
(April 2002)
Colombian Elections (March 2002)
Towards a 'Humanitarian Intervention'? (July 2001)
Plan Colombia: Gasoline on the Fire (2000)
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

The Irrationality of the Drug War (July 2001)
Andean Analysts trash US Drug Policy...

Human Rights in Putumayo (July 2001)
A Community Organizer answers questions...

Chomsky: The Colombia Plan (June 2000) 
In depth and background...

Shalom: Drug Policy and Program 
Clarify what's important about drugs, and what's not...

Stokes: Colombia Q & A (April 2002) 
Nice primer on what the US is and isn't fighting in Colombia...

The Afro-Colombians (July 2001)
Learn about these brave people and their struggle...

Colombia Backgrounder (July 2001)
Felix Posada of CEPALC gives facts and analysis...

The Strategy of the War (July 2001)
Solid Analysis from Teofilo Vasquez of CINEP...

Testimony of Women's Organizations (July 2001)
Larson: Women, Peace, and Justice
Women fight to be protagonists of peace...

The War Against Workers (July 2001)
Colombian unionists analyze under fire...

The Human Rights Situation (July 2001)
The Colombian Commission of Jurists...

Donahue: Trafficking in Death (2001)
Weiss: Colombia's Paramilitaries (2002)
Comprehensive reports on paramilitarism

Scorched Earth (2001)
Donahue on fumigation

More Articles

MADRE: Statement on Negotiations February 25, 2002
Witness for Peace: Letter from Colombia
February 22, 2002
The Preprogrammed War Has Started Atherton, February 22,2002
Stop The Bombing UK Colombia Solidarity , February 22,2002
Colombia War Escalates Justin Podur Feb 21 2002
CSN Statement on Escalation Feb 21 2002
Colombia talks ended AP February 20, 2002
Colombia: Peace Process Over
February 20, 2002
Trade Secret: Colombia's Dirty War
Keaney Feb 14, 2002

FARC Assassinates Peasant Leaders CSN Feb 14, 2002
Forget Drugs, this is about the Guerrillas Guardian Feb 14, 2002
Unionists win in Cali January 30, 2002
Snapshot of Colombia
January 29, 2002
CSN Statement on Negotiations
Jan 11, 2002
New Round of Fumigation Witness for Peace
Murders at Coke
by David Bacon  
We mean Dead or Dead
by Justin Podur
US War on Terrorism targets Colombia..
Mainstream press
Two Actors: Guerrilla and Parastate by Tricia Smith
A Way Out for Colombia by Justin Podur (espanol)
Fumigation and Worse in Colombia by Justin Podur (espanol)
Canadian Press: Washington's Secret War in Colombia 2001
Zarate: Introduction to Putumayo February 2001
CSN Statement on Plan Colombia
Zarate: Questions for Clinton
Delacour: Colombia and Einstein
Delacour: Human Rights and Military Aid for Colombia 2000
CSN on Plan Colombia in 2000

Interviewing Matthew Knoester of CSN

Knoester: Washington's Role January 1998

Zarate: War On Drugs July 1998

Kozloff: Miami South Com December 1999

Zarate/Herman: Globalization And Instability

O'Shaughnessy: Coca's fine, humans suffer (2001)


Online Colombia Resources btn_top.gif (869 bytes)

The Colombia Support Network 

ANNCOL lots of news, frequently updated

RISBAL en francais y en espanol

Colombia Report

The Latin America Working Group

Nizkor (extensive)

Prensa Libre

The Peace Process in Colombia

The Chicago Columbia Support Network Project

Colombia Human Rights Network/Red de Derechos Humanos en Colombia

Materials on International Relations btn_top.gif (869 bytes)

Foreign Policy Instructional 
By Stephen Shalom

The Rest of ZNet's Instructionals

International Relations Articles from Z 

Some Related Activism Inspiration/Insight btn_top.gif (869 bytes)

One Minute You Are Changing Diapers - Lydia Sargent
The activist's life journey...

It Should be Possible; It has to Be Possible Leslie Cagan
Lessons from the front.

Going South
Howard Zinn
The past in the present...

You Can't Stand Still on a Moving Train  Howard Zinn
Finding and keeping hope.

Hordes of Vigilantes
Noam Chomsky
Activism wins...

Stop the Killing Train
Michael Albert
Dealing with the horrors of war and U.S. foreign policy...

Looking Back; Moving Forward
Michael Albert
Taking lessons from movement past for the movement's future

My Generation
Michael Albert

A message to anti-Vietnam War activists, and others...

Resurrect the R-Word
Michael Albert
What do we want, when do we want it?

The Stickiness Problem
Michael Albert
Building movements that last.

Autonomy Within Solidarity
Michael Albert
Overcoming fragmentation without sacrificing Integrity

Conspiracy Theory
Michael Albert
A problem to avoid.

Reinventing Anti-Poverty
Brian Dominick
A good example teaches better than a thousand words.

An Interview with Manning Marable
Some Black Activist history...

Interview of Bernadine Dohrn
From the sixties to the present

Winona Laduke: Activism On and Off the Reservation
A premier activist, interviewed