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LA Convention Convergence

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ZNet offers this Conventions Convergence facility as a source for relating to Summer 2000s Democratic and Republican Party convention protests and related issues.  Here are some key organizing links to pursue...

Convention Prisoner Solidarity
Express solidarity with protestors held in Philadelphia for alleged activities around the recent GOP convention. 

Good Daily Coverage from LA -- The LA Labor News
Amy Goodman's Democracy Now shows from LA

LA Convention Convergence
The Los Angeles Independent Media Center

The People's Convention, Los Angeles
The Direct Action Network
North American Anarchist Conference (LA, Aug 11-17)

The Unity 2000 March in Philadelphia
Philly Indy Media Center
The Philly Direct Action Network
Aug 1 Direct Action Coalition for Philadelphia

The Conventions Convergence comes in the wake of the Seattle and Wash DC WTO/IMF/WB demonstrations, among others. For ZNet's full highly extensive coverage of those events, with background analysis, lessons, etc. etc., please check out 

ZNet's Global Economics Subsite

The Convention demonstrations are at those of the Republican and Democratic parties, of course. But there are other parties in the U.S., including the Greens, running Ralph Nader...for more information consult:

ZNet's Third Party Watch Subsite

ZNet reports direct from 
The Republican National Convention

Cagan One: Philadelphia, Sunday July 30
Cagan Two: Philly, Monday late afternoon

Cagan Three: Tuesday evening

Cagan Four: The Jailed Need Help

Cagan Five: On Scene Wrap Up

Cagan: Update on Arrestees in Philly
Cagan: Looking Back Analysis

Solomon: The Pleasantville Party
Landau: Virtual Conventions

Schechter: Mainstream Media Dozes, Indy Media Shines

Glick: Then and Now

Indy Media Radio RNC Coverage
   Radio (all programs)
Live web radio, 24 hours a day!
IMC radio news: 5 minute wrap up
IMC radio news: 30 minute segment

Democracy Now
Amy Goodman's shows from Philly...

Use ZNet InterActive to post reports, analyses, photos, links, and soon fiction, poetry, lyrics, pen pals information, and pretty much anything else we can dream up to our highly searchable, fantastically user friendly, Interactive Display Areas. Check for the Republican National Convention Demo subset, in particular.

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These are preferred pieces culled from the categories below.

If you only have time for 
only a couple of pieces leading up to the events... 
Many Authors - Five Focuses for the Movement
Many folks briefly answer the question...what do you want?
Albert: Why Protest the Conventions
A general argument on the logic of going to LA or Philly and protest more broadly...

You have some time and want recent related in-depth background writing 
A Q&A on the WTO, IMF, World Bank, and Activism
Culled from work by Albert, Elaine Bernard, Peter Bohmer, Jeremy Brecher, Dorothy Guellec, Robin Hahnel, Russell Mokhiber, Mark Weisbrot, and Robert Weissman

You are concerned about 
related strategy and vision

Hahnel: Speaking Truth to Power and Ourselves
A16: New Movement Takes Its First Steps
Hahnel: Fighting Globalization 
Brecher: There's An Alternative
Albert's Economic Vision Commentary Series

You are interested in tactical concerns stemming from Seattle/DC
Dominick: Action not Division
Who Owns the Movement?
Glick: The Non Violent Army
Peters: The DC Demos

The WTO and Mumia
Trashing As A Tactic-diverse material
Albert: Assessing the DC Demos
Naiman: New Movement Takes First Steps
Solomon: Protests Clash with Media Spin

Selected ZNet 

These are selected commentaries from the Z Sustainer Program's daily commentaries. For more information on our Daily Commentaries and Sustainer Program, including how to join, please click here.

Herman: What is Liberalism?
Knowing our targets...

Herman: The Left and Electoral Participation
Dealing with the Nader campaign and other matters...

Glick: The Non Violent Army
A New kind of demo organization and structure and priority comes on the scene... 

Peters: The DC Demos
What happened on the spot from the angle of a person involved... 

Where do we go after Seattle
ZNet Commentary by Robin Hahnel

Seattle and Beyond
ZNet Commentary by Manning Marable

The State of the World
Stephen R. Shalom


Some Selected Recent Z Articles
For over 800 archived Z articles by author 
and topic:
Z Magazine... 

Sklar: Booming Economic Inequality, Falling Voter Turnout
Income gaps have grown

Glick: A Unity Movement Begins to Emerge
The developing opposition...

A Q&A on the WTO, IMF, World Bank, and Activism
Culled from work by Albert, Elaine Bernard, Peter Bohmer, Jeremy Brecher, Dorothy Guellec, Robin Hahnel, Russell Mokhiber, Mark Weisbrot, and Robert Weissman

Selected Z Interviews
For more interviews see...ZNet's Interview Pages

Gray Matters Interviews Noam Chomsky
.. the IMF and global liberalization and the impact of unions and grass-roots organizing against the proponents of neoliberalism.

Interview with Noam Chomsky
By Anna Couey and Joshua Karliner of Corporate Watch...discusses corporate power, the granting of rights to corporations, and the Pentagon system.

Alex Cockburn Interview
Interviewed by David Barsamian...the politics behind deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon and land reform movements.

Barsamian Interviews Richard Grossman
Explains in detail the logic and implications, history and values of movements against corporate power.

Leslie Cagan: Being Left
A biography of her work as an organizer, addressing key problems in left organizing approaches including lack of comprehensive vision and fragmentation, with a conclusion of the necessary components of a future strategy for successful organization and movement building.

An Interview with Manning Marable
Manning Marable talks about successful historical examples of left organizations, how he became political and developed interest in Marxist politics, his work with the Committees of Correspondence the state and future of black politics, and the Black Radical Congress.

Gray Matters Interviews Howard Zinn
In this interview with Gray Matters, Howard Zinn defines ideological left models, discusses the role of artists in left politics, the successes of civil disobedience, the education and organization needed to effect change in our political and economic system and, finally, what keeps Zinn going.

Gray Matters Interviews Michael Albert
... about the aims of left movements, economic vision, participatory economics, the role of intellectuals in future struggles, problems of elitism, advice for young activists, problems relating to class, future guiding concepts for the left...

Justin Conlon Interviews Michael Albert
...views on Marxism and progressive movements, their lack of appeal to the working class and association with a coordinating class...

Albert Participatory Economics Interview
... a system of shared ownership and power, equitable distribution of workplace tasks and equal participation in policy and decision making...problems with a market economy and competitive systems.


Some ZNet Instructionals
These instructionals all have no prerequisites other than interest, experience in life, and determination...

Global Economic Crisis Instructional
Based on an extended Z series by Robin Hahnel
Five main sequences and an equal number of additional reading sequences on understanding the current global economic crisis (1999) and the operations of the global economy in general.

Basic Concepts and Tools for
Understanding Political Economy
Based on a ZMI course by Michael Albert
How does a capitalist economy work? What are its class relations? What are some attributes of its main institutions and how do we understand them? An introductory look at capitalism...

Foreign Policy and International Relations
Based on a ZMI course by Steven Shalom
What are the motives of U.S. foreign policy? What are some critical events in the history of U.S. foreign policy and their meaning? This is an introductory overview designed to help users comprehend the big picture, with additional readings for details.

Economic Vision Instructional
Based on a ZMI Course by MIchael Albert
What do we want for our economy? Explores a methodology for developing economic vision, which could be applied, as well, to other types of social vision, and in the process also familiarizes the user with participatory economic values and aims.