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ZNet offers this Global Economics Crisis site as a source for understanding global economics and trade issues and particularly in preparation for ongoing demonstrations about economic justice.

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Selected ZNet Global Economics IMF/World Bank/WTO Commentaries

These are selected global economics commentaries from the Z Sustainer Program's daily commentaries. For more information on our Daily Commentaries and Sustainer Program, including how to join, please click here.

Selected Z/ ZNet Global Economics Articles

Full length Z and ZNet articles on related matters...For over 800 archived Z articles by author and topic:Z Magazine...

Selected Z Interviews

  • Gray Matters Interviews Noam Chomsky

    ...the IMF and global liberalization and the impact of unions and grass-roots organizing against the proponents of neoliberalism.

  • Interview with Noam Chomsky

    By Anna Couey and Joshua Karliner of Corporate Watch...discusses corporate power, the granting of rights to corporations, and the Pentagon system.

  • Alex Cockburn Interview

    Interviewed by David Barsamian...the politics behind deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon and land reform movements.

  • Barsamian Interviews Richard Grossman

    Explains in detail the logic and implications, history and values of movements against corporate power.

  • Shawn Sitaro Interviews Michael Albert

    Discusses parecon, broad theory, the internet, funding on the left, class issues, etc.

  • Gray Matters Interviews Michael Albert

    ... about the aims of left movements, economic vision, participatory economics, the role of intellectuals in future struggles, problems of elitism, advice for young activists, problems relating to class, future guiding concepts for the left...

  • Justin Conlon Interviews Michael Albert

    ...views on Marxism and progressive movements, their lack of appeal to the working class and association with a coordinating class...

Particularly Good Global Economics Related Documents on Other Sites

ZNet Economics and Global Economics Instructionals

These instructionals all have no prerequisites other than interest, experience in life, and determination...

  • Global Economic Crisis Instructional

    Based on an extended Z series by Robin Hahnel Five main sequences and an equal number of additional reading sequences on understanding the current global economic crisis (1999) and the operations of the global economy in general.

  • Basic Concepts and Tools for Understanding Political Economy

    Based on a ZMI course by Michael Albert How does a capitalist economy work? What are its class relations? What are some attributes of its main institutions and how do we understand them? An introductory look at capitalism...

  • Foreign Policy and International Relations

    Based on a ZMI course by Steven Shalom What are the motives of U.S. foreign policy? What are some critical events in the history of U.S. foreign policy and their meaning? This is an introductory overview designed to help users comprehend the big picture, with additional readings for details.

  • Economic Vision Instructional

    Based on a ZMI Course by MIchael Albert
    What do we want for our economy? Explores a methodology for developing economic vision, which could be applied, as well, to other types of social vision, and in the process also familiarizes the user with participatory economic values and aims.

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