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"It was never the people who complained of the universality of human rights, nor did the people consider human rights as a Western or Northern imposition. It was often their leaders who did so." -- Mr. Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General.

Human Rights    

Human rights, whether we live in a developed nation or a developing nation, are constantly violated by corrupt regimes or abusive political or power interests... Many groups such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, OneWorld on-line tirelessly help to raise awareness of some of the human rights abuses that occur around the world.

Social critics Noam Chomsky and others seen throughout the ZNet web site also help to raise awareness of abuses often providing insights that have been unravelled by analyzing biased, misrepresented or politically motivated mainstream media reports and propaganda.

How Universal is the Human Rights Declaration?

50 years on, the human rights violations have continued, and even grown... There was almost no mainstream media coverage (in Washington DC, anyway) about the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

More Information

Check out all these sources:

  • All the Z articles on this web site.

  • OneWorld is an excellent web site for issues regarding human rights, sustainable development, justice and so on. It has many awards and loads of partners with their own web sites within this supersite. Definitely worth paying a visit. Their daily news section is one of the best that I have seen for world issues. They also have a guide on the topic of human rights as well as many other informative guides.

  • IPS World News focuses on the events and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of peoples and nations.

  • Amnesty International does a lot of work around the world. Their ideals and mandate is based on the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They have a huge variety of web sites devoted to particular issues and it would be pointless to mention them all here! However, a few that have stood out include:
    • Their Refugee web site looks at people who are driven from their homes due to persecution, conflicts, execution, torture etc.
    • An excellent, powerful site about Child Rights.
    • The USA campaign

  • Human Rights Watch investigate and expose human rights violations and provides a lot of information. They have many campaigns and other sections on their site. The following are just a few examples:
  • This Human Rights Education web site from the Human Rights International Alliance has a nice primer and educational tools for teachers etc., on human rights.

  • This philosophical definition of Human Rights is quite interesting.

  • This report called Our Global Neighborhood from the Commission on Global Governance looks at the issue of strengthening and improving the world community in an effort to improve the lives of all of us.

  • The Guardian newspaper in Britain has a great special report on human rights. They have compiled a very objective Human Rights Index which takes into account relative wealth, poverty, oil production capabilities etc.

  • Corporate Watch has an excellent feature called Repression, Inc. which explores the corporate involvement in numerous human rights abuses and the corporate influence in political areas which may have played a part in coups, brutal regimes etc.

  • United Nations. The UN was created after World War II to ensure peace, rights and a better standard of life in general. The following links are all from the UN:
    • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    • The UN Charter is worth looking at.
    • The Progress of Nations, 1998 report from UNICEF is an excellent, compilation of information and statistics that measure how developed a nation is with regards to the state of the children rather than the state of the economy.
    • So too is the Progress of Nations, 1999 report.
    • The Fact Sheets from the UN provide information on a variety of human rights issues.
    • The Human Development Reports provide a thorough analysis of major human development issues and indications.
    • UN's Commission for Human Rights. Lots of information including a link to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, various human rights resolutions, a link to various treaties etc. Plus a good quote from Mr. Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General:
      "It was never the people who complained of the universality of human rights, nor did the people consider human rights as a Western or Northern imposition. It was often their leaders who did so."

  • The Digital Freedom Network is a unique web site that is promoting the use of the Internet to advance free speech and human rights around the world. There is an interesting section called the Voices for Freedom section which allows dissidents to speak. They also provide many links to more information as well.

  • The Derechos Human Rights web site is an internet-based human rights organization, working to promote human rights all over the world. They have many resources as well as a directory of internet links to other human rights-based organizations. They use the internet as their primary information and communication tool.

  • People's Decade of Human Rights Education (PDHRE-International) work to develop and advance pedagogies for human rights education relevant to people's daily lives in the context of their struggles for social and economic justice and democracy.

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