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An introduction to the Green Party, New Party and Labor Party

The Green Party
Still split into two national organizations, with the Association of State Green Parties now the primary force in Green presidential politics. Merger talks are ongoing.
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Links on ZNet:
Said on Nader
SF Chronicle on Nader
Open the Debates
Albert on Lesser Evil?
Ehrenreich on Nader
Ehrenreich on Nader
Herman on Krugman
Nader to NAACP
Moore on Nader
Marable on Nader 

Looking for More Recent Nader News? Try these sites:
Nader 2000
VoteNader Newslinks
Road to the Green House
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The Labor Party
Potentially huge and powerful, but yet to egage at the ballot box.
Labor Party home
Labor Party Press

The New Party
More centrally organized than the Greens, the New Party tries at times to challenge the democrats, and at other times works with them.
New Party Home
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The Working Families Party
A kind of sibling to the New Party...
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 Socialist Party USA
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Green Party Update:

Greens Year in Review
Green Party Enjoys Record Growth & Success in 2000, from Local Elections to the Presidency.

Green Meeting Will Establish the Greens as a National Party

Campus Greens Founding Convention
“We are students, faculty, and staff of America's colleges, universities, and high schools, and we act in solidarity with the Ten Key Values of the Green Party...” - Campus Greens Call to Action   

Greens on McCain-Feingold Bill and Campaign Finance Reform
Greens across the U.S. warn Americans to be cautious of the promise of political reform as embodied in the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill.

Socialist Party-USA News:

New Jersey Socialists Have Candidate for Governor

2001 Socialist National Convention
The Socialist Party USA will hold its 2001 National Convention in Denver, Colorado. The convention will run from October 11 through 14. 

Socialist Party Creates New Non-Profit Foundation 
The Socialist Party announced the creation of a not-for-profit corporation, the American Socialist Foundation, which would serve as an educational foundation and think tank for the party and the broader democratic socialist movement. 

More Nader Response:

Polnachek : Feminist Nader Bashing Rebutted
By Women's Review of Books...
Election Wrap-Up
By Michael Albert
The Nader Campaign and the Future
The editors / Monthly Review
After the Election, You Can Still Vote Green
By Mark K. Anderson
Nader and La Follette: History Repeats Itself
By John NIchols
Whither Nader and His Greens?
By Micah L. Sifry
What Went Wrong for Ralph?
By Micah L. Sifry 
Ralph Nader Lashes Back

Scoundrel. Spoiler. Narcissist. This fall the left warred over whether a vote for Nader was a vote for progress, a vote in protest, or worse, a vote for Bush. As Gore lost Florida, Nader's critics charged that his 97,000 or so votes in that state had cost the Democrats the election. Never mind Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush and his cousin at Fox news, uncounted African American votes, the Florida courts, and finally, the U.S. Supreme Court. And never mind Gore himself. No, it all comes back to Ralph Nader. The Voice asked him to respond. [Read On]

The Blame Game

Nader wasn't a traitor.   The hysterics among those Democratic liberals and party familiars among the blabbering classes who accuse Ralph Nader of creating a constitutional crisis are spouting nonsense. There is no constitutional crisis, only an election law dispute in one state. It appears that only in two states did Nader receive votes larger than Bush's margin of victory: New Hampshire (which would not have changed the electoral college outcome) and possibly Florida. By Doug Ireland [Read It]

Socialist Party 100th Anniversary [Read It]

Party On!

State third parties provide election excitement of their own. A summary of the showing of major third parties.  By John Nichols [Read More]

The Real Spoiler

It's time to reform the electoral system. By Steven Hill and Rob Richie  [Check it out]

31,000 Voters Pull for Milwaukee SP Candidate

Alternative Election 2000  Coverage 

What Mother Jones calls their "guide to alternative, underreported, and independent news,  views, and resources on Election 2000. Updated throughout the day." [Check It]

Smashing the Nader Backlash

The liberals and lefties bashing Nader for (apparently) costing Gore the election are just wrong, not to mention counterproductive.  Nader led the Greens to some important gains -- but capitalizing on those victories will be a major challenge. by Marc Cooper [Read More]

The Two Party Media System

Norman Solomon examines how wonderfully our media works in excluding third parties from coverage. [read article]

Hatching a Revolution

Interesting story from the Orange County Weekly about how Chapman University student body president Steve Hatch became a member of the Young Socialist's League (a subgroup of the Socialist Party USA) and organized the Progressive Student Alliance.

McReynolds' Socialist Vision Provocative

Capital Times columnist John Nichols looks closer at McReynolds and concludes that "left-leaning voters who are already struggling to decide between a lesser evil vote for Gore or an idealistic vote for Nader probably don't want to know that the most thought-provoking and personally engaging progressive option may well be David McReynolds."

Greens Run Record Number of Candidates in 2000

Mike Feinstein has once again compiled a national list of Green Party members running for office. At least 250 candidates tried luck this year.

California Greens Organize For D2KLA

"At the Green Party of California state meeting in Berkeley on April 28th-30th, delegates from around the state voted not hold an otherwise already regularly-scheduled meeting, and instead direct the party's 108,000 members to come to LA to participate in the various D2KLA events."

IPPN Holds Fifth National Summit

The Independent Progressive Politics Network held its fifth national summit in Madison this June, attracting around 150 activists from 100 organizations. Activists gathered to discuss third party politics and cooperation between different progressive groups. A recent edition of the Independent Politics News includes these highlights:

McReynolds Squeaks onto ballot in Washington State

Socialist Party candidate for president Dave McReynolds reflects on recent campaign ups and downs...

Presidential Politics a Dead End for Progressives?

Katha Pollit, criticized by many Nader supporters for her earlier negative comments on his current campaign, lays out why she thinks a run for president is the wrong tool for building a movement.

What Happened to Jello Biafra?

Okay, I should have had this up a month ago. Jello Biafra, former lead singer for The Dead Kennedy's, has been urged to run for the Green Party nomination for president, and he appeared on the NY primary ballot. You can read about Jello and his very limited but interesting campaign with the links below.

Barsamian Interviews Nader

David Barsamian of Alternative Radio talks with Ralph Nader about the seriousness of his campaign, the Greens as potential spoilers, and Nader's narrow focus on corporations, the economy and the political system (Not too much on that, but he is pushed a little).

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