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New Report Calls for "Climate Justice" As Earth Gets Hotter

Jan. 14, 2000, San Francisco - As scientists confirm that human activities are causing dangerous climate change, a new report, "Greenhouse Gangsters vs. Climate Justice," reveals that:

Building on the new coalitions that emerged from the anti-WTO protests late last year, the report's publisher, the Transnational Resource and Action Center (TRAC), calls for an alliance of environmentalists, environmental justice groups, consumers, workers, human rights advocates, indigenous groups and other affected communities to confront these "greenhouse gangsters."

"Climate Justice means not only reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses, but also holding the oil companies accountable for the central role they play in contributing to global warming and pollution in low income communities throughout the US," according to China Brotsky, one of the report's authors.

The report documents how the companies not only contribute to global warming but also use their enormous power to DENY the problem, DELAY solutions, DIVIDE their opposition, DUMP their problems in the developing world, and DUPE the public into believing the problem is solved.

"The individual consumer driving down the street or using a dozen appliances is the fossil fuel addict," said Kenny Bruno, principal author of the report. "But the fossil fuel companies are the pushers, always trying to sell more of a product that is destroying our planet and our health."

With this report, available on the Corporate Watch website, TRAC launches its campaign for climate justice. The campaign will target the Greenhouse Gangsters in the lead-up to Earth Day 2000 in April. The platform for climate justice includes a just transition for workers and communities hardest hit by changes to our energy systems.


Hard copies of the full report are available from TRAC: 415-561-6568;