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Ireland Watch on ZNet is an activist web site that campaigns for the human and civil rights of the people in Northern Ireland, works to end British occupation of the Six Counties and the partition of Ireland, and releases information and news regarding events in Ireland, but which also attempts to provide a broad range of links, some of which neither ZNet or Ireland Watch endorse (indeed we thoroughly oppose some) because we wish the page to be a useful and broad ranging resource.

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Action Alerts

United Kingdom Terrorism Bill
The British government has issued, for parliamentary debate, the Terrorism Bill, which it seeks to introduce as permanent legislation. Most of the provisions of the Terrorism Bill are already in place in emergency legislation, but if this legislation is passed it will be permanent with even more provisions for Northern Ireland. Many of the bills provisions conflict with international human rights treaties to which the British govt. is a party. Amnesty International released a report on the Terrorism Bill and is concerned with certain provisions in particular such as:
  • wide ranging powers of arrest
  • denial of a detainee's access to a lawyer upon arrest
  • denial of the right to have a lawyer present during interrogation
  • the maximum period of detention without charge being 7 days, with an extension of up to 5 days being granted by a judicial authority after the initial 48 hours
  • the shifting of the burden of proof from the prosecution to the defense in various provisions of the bill
 The provisions of the Terrorism Bill are a clear violation of human rights and rights of all people to be equal before the courts. Please contact your local and national government officials and express your concern and opposition to the Terrorism Bill.
Read the Amnesty International Briefing on the Terrorism Bill


The Murder of Rosemary Nelson

Rosemary Nelson was a renowned human rights lawyer in the north of Ireland. She was murdered on Monday, March 15, when a loyalist booby-trap bomb attached to her car exploded, severing both her legs and causing extensive abdominal injuries. Rosemary died hours later in hospital. She left behind her husband Paul, and her two sons and one daughter, ages 8 to 13. Rosemary was just 40 years old. 

Rosemary's murder came the same day as her article in the Irish News decrying the ongoing illegal Orange Order siege in Portadown, and weeks after she called for a deeper look at RUC/British collusion in the murder of Pat Finucane, another lawyer whose murder has chillingly similar characteristics to Rosemary's.  

Although the loyalist Red Hand Defenders have claimed responsibility for her murder, possible collusion between the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) and loyalist terrorists is strongly suggested -- and it is the RUC themselves who are investigating her murder.  

More Information from the Pat Finucane Center (PFC):

The Truth in Northern Ireland Legal Defense Fund

In the book, The Committee: Political Assasination in Northern Ireland, award-winning journalist Sean McPhilemy reveals senior members and officers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, unionist businessmen, and others who have operated a secret terrorist committee in collusion with anti-Irish paramilitaries since 1989.

Roberts Rinehart and the Freedom to Publish are Under Attack
Because of the truth in the book, The Committee: Political Assasination in Northern Ireland, Roberts Pineheart and author Sean McPhilemy are being sued for $100 million by two of the wealthiest men in N. Ireland. They are being subjected to a financial war of attrition by a battalion of high priced lawyers because of the book, which names names and exposes the facts behind dozens of the allegedly "unsolved" political murders of Catholics and Nationalists.

This Book "Packs Enough Power to End the RUC"
Irish America magazine says, The Commitee, "Packs enough power to abolish the Royal Ulster Constabulary."
Tim Pat Coogan, author of The Troubles, Michael Collins: The Man Who Made Ireland, and The IRA: A History states, "The Committee is one of the most important books to emerge from the Northern Ireland conflict. It disproves the myth that the violence emanates largely from Nationalists, and names leading figures in the Unionist community who operate loyalist death squads. The murder gangs are part of a orchestrated counter-insurgency plot aimed at terrifying the Nationalist community into abandoning the entire struggle for human rights. McPhilemy's book is a 'must' for anyone concerned about the Irish situation."
Niall O'Dowd, founding publisher of
The Irish Voice, states, "There is no denying the central thesis of McPhilemy's book. If McPhilemy is right, then the RUC is a corrupt as the police forces in El Salvador and Chile, which ran their own death squads..."

Your Support is Needed Now
The Supreme Court has recognized that the threat and expense of libel suits such as the one brought against The Committee "dampens the vigor and limits the variety of public debate." That is exactly what the plantiffs want to do here. Do not let them. Please help Sean McPhilemy and Roberts Rinehart mount a vigorous defense and get this case dismissed.

Information about donations to the Truth in Northern Ireland Legal Defense Fund can be seen below:


Please Make Your Check Payable to:
The Truth in Northern Ireland Legal Defense Fund
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