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Getting Started

South Asia Primer by Justin Podur
Introduction to the major issues of South Asian politics.

South Asia Readings by Venu Govindu
Summaries and reviews of important books...

Media Activists

Great news, discussion
Three Essays Press
A new press!
Join Indymedia India, Please

A Call to Indian Media Activists
Nepal Solidarity
Great new site

Sri Lanka Magazine, nice!
Sri Lanka Coverage

Index of South Asian filmmakers

A PDF directory of progressive South Asian filmmakers-- contact them to check out their films!
South Asian American print mag
An artistic site

A listserve for documentary filmmakers
Indian Society of Cinematographers

Listserve for a key medium in India
Telecommunications freedom in India

An important debate for media activists

Activist Groups

An excellent source
Bhutan news online
News on this undercovered area
Human Rights Org

South Asia Citizen's Wire
A terrific news service and site
Courageous and intelligent

Coalition Against Communalism
New site from West Coast US
India Relief and Education Fund
Great group...
Secular and Democratic South Asia
New and improved alliance site
Khaldunia Online
Eqbal Ahmad archive-- a brilliant voice, highly relevant right now
Youth for Unity & Voluntary Action
Equitable Tourism
Trying to make tourism serve the people and not the reverse
In the Name of Today

Campaign for human rights, social justice, and democracy in Pakistan
Chingari Forum

Check out the links section especially…
Saxakali's South Asia Pages

Beautifullly lain out… with a lot of information
A huge site

National Literacy Resource Centre

A local literacy group...

Good collection of documents and links.
Indymedia India

Yes, Indymedia's here too...
People's Union for Civil Liberties

A human rights org…
Progressive South Asian Exchange Net

A very good site…
South Asia Citizens Web

A Non-India-centric site-- includes good info on Pakistan and Bangladesh
South Asia Documents

(SAD)- a documentation centre on south asian issues

A window on South Asia: an e-zine on history, politics and society

Different India Campaign


The indian version of "the onion"
The Other India Bookstore

 Mainstream newspapers

The Times of India
An elitist perspective...

A Pakistani Daily...
The Friday Times

Pakistan, out of Lahore...
The News

Pakistan's most widely read in English...
Indian Express

The Hindu
Covers grassroots issues...

Asian Age

Hindustan Times

Deccan Herald


Outlook India
The Week
India Archive 
University site, lots of links

Front Line Online

Sister to the Hindu, covers grassroots issues...
India Today
Another elitist magazine...
OCLC Kashmir  /  OCLC Pakistan
Huge Collections of Links
Amnesty International on South Asia
the Human Rights situation...

India Search Engines




India Social

AAA Matilda India

Welcome to ZNet
South Asia Watch

A resource for activists interested in South Asian politics, economics, and development. Please follow the links to the side and below for essays and news sources. 


South Asia Citizens WebSouth Asian International Relations
India and Pakistan are at the brink of war-- again.  The conflict, like the previous ones, is over Kashmir.  Like the previous ones, it is highly destructive for both societies.  Here are some resources on the conflict.

War on Terror


AN00130A.gif (2335 bytes)Intercommunalism 
In March 2002, India erupted again into communal violence with murderous riots in Gujarat.  Here are some links to news and analysis on the current riots and the problem in general: South Asia is a place with a multitude of religions and languages. How do these different groups live together in a common society? How can plural societies work?

Links on Gujarat: Pogrom in 2002, Earthquake in 2001


Hampi1ss.gif (16021 bytes)The Politics of Development 
How will development take place? Who is to benefit? Who is to suffer? South Asian popular movements are resisting capitalist globalization as they have been for centuries, from fighting big dams in the Narmada Valley to fighting the genetic plunder of the country by multinationals...

Narmada Valley News


ANIM-MASK2.GIF (20383 bytes)Caste, Indigenous Peoples
The closest thing to the North American racial system is the South Asian caste system. It is a social system which constrains people’s life chances from the day they are born. Much activism in South Asia is around justice for the lowest castes, or Dalits, and the tribal or indigenous peoples, or Adivasis.

Lady(110)sm.gif (6827 bytes)Feminism
Like North America, South Asia is largely a patriarchal society. Women and children are challenging these systems of domination and oppression.


baboons-sm.gif (7368 bytes)Ecology 
The development sponsored by the IMF, the World Bank, the western corporations is not only an economic but also an ecological disaster. Here is some analysis of the situation by people dedicated to redefining development.

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