ZNet Donation/Purchases Center

ZNet's Purchases and Donations Center allows you to make online donations or purchases using a VISA or Mastercard credit card.

One-Time ZNet Donations
If you wish to make a donation to ZNet, but not have it go toward the ZNet Sustainer Program, please use this facility. For the Sustainer Program, there are links on the ZNet top page.

Video/Audio Tapes
For purchase of tapes and videos made available by Z Magazine / ZNet.

Z Mag (Print) Subscriptions
In this section users can purchase subscriptions to Z Magazine. Options exist for U.S. and International, for one, two and three year subs, and for one, two, and three year renewals.

New Subscriptions
I am not a subscriber but would like to become one...

I am a subscriber, and I wish to renew using this facility.

Z Special Offer
A one-time online special offer for new Z Subscriptions

You can use this facility as often as you wish, of course.

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P.S. --- If you don't trust this type transaction, despite SSL Security, you can always order any of the items by slow mail via:

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