Michael Albert is a founder and current member of the staff of Z Magazine and as well as System Operator of Z Magazines web system: ZNet (www.lbbs.org).

Michael was born April 8, 1947. His radicalization occured during the 1960s. His political involvements, starting then and continuing to the present, have ranged from local, regional, and national organizing projects and campaigns to co-founding South End Press, Z Magazine, the Z Media Institute, and ZNet, and to working on these projects, writing for various publications and publishers, giving public talks, etc.

His personal interests, outside the political realm, focus on general science reading (with an emphasis on physics, math, and matters of evolution and cognitive science), computers, mystery and thriller/adventure novels, sea kayaking, and the more sedentary but no less challenging game of GO.

Michael is also the author of numerous books, in most cases with his co-author Robin Hahnel. Most recently these include: Thinking Forward (Arbeiter Ring Press), and Looking Forward: Participatory Economics in the 21st Century (South End Press) and Political Economy of Participatory Economics (Princeton University Press both with Robin Hahnel, co-author, and The Killing Train (South End Press).

He is currently an editorial writer and columnist for Z Magazine, a staff person at Z Magazine (with a reduced workload, however), System Operator of ZNet, teaching in Learning On Line University, and a staff and faculty person for ZMI each summer.

Many of Albert's Z articles are stored in ZNet and can be accessed there along with hundreds of other Z Magazine articles essays, interviews, etc.

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Here is a brief sampling of Albert's published Z articles: