ZNet In Many Languages


In recent months there have been many queries from folks interested in translating material from ZNet into languages other than English. Many such projects have been undertaken...

Norwegian / Bulgarian / Swedish / Spanish
French  / Korean German / Italian

We are obviously excited and pleased over this development. On the other hand, we are unable to help with translations themselves, or even to check their quality.

Also, if you undertake such a project but don't have a server for display of the translated pieces, you can send us html pages that we will host on our server for you...assuming that we don't get complaints about the quality of the work, that is. The Spanish materials linked above are an example.

Finally, if you want to work with a project that is underway, for which there is a page linked above, please contact them directly, using information from the page...

A History of Spanish ZNet
A one year account of an 
exemplary volunteer effort, 
by Alfred Sola. Over 250 articles 
have been translated to Spanish to date.